Artificial Intelligence for primary school teachers

The project

AI-teach -Artificial Intelligence for primary school teachers is a 1 year Cooperation Partnership project in School Education (KA220-SCH) funded under the Erasmus+ Programme. 

The main project objective is to improve the understanding of the potential challenges and opportunities related to the appropriate, responsible and interdisciplinary use of AI-driven tools in primary education. The results  will contribute to innovate teaching and learning practices and facilitate the transition to digital transformation in primary schools.

An appropriate approach in the design, development and use of these technologies, their use could create opportunities for the expansion and support of children’s development in various ways, with a focus on personalised learning.

The project aims at improving primary school teachers’ competences in designing, implementing and evaluating effective AI-based learning in a responsible and ethical manner.


AI Teach Handbook

It includes a collection of online, open and free AI tools to be used in class, Lesson Plans and methodological notes for primary school teachers and educators

It will support teachers in understanding the opportunities of AI for their didactical practices, creating lessons and planning AI-based activities.

AI Teach Training Mobility

It is a transnational training course for teachers focused on providing basic concepts on AI and data literacy, with an emphasis on using AI responsibly and ethically to improve student learning and support teachers.

Dissemination materials


Join our Community of Practise

The AI-Teach Community of Practise serves as an online community for the AI-Teach project. Teachers interested in implementing AI tools in their classes will have the opportunity to establish contacts...

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Exploring the AI-Teach Online Platform

The AI-Teach online platform represents the second result of the project, providing access to all the content included in the Handbook for teachers, facilitating easy online access to the AI-Teach...

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AI-Teach Handbook – first release

The first draft of the AI-Teach Handbook was produced in English version. It is the main project result of the AI-Teach project, and it is dedicated to exploring the interdisciplinary...

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The “F.lli Trillini” Comprehensive Institute in Osimo consists of 10 schools (4 kindergartens, 4 primaries and 2 high schools), located in the southern and south-western districts of the city and in 4 hamlets with a school population of about 1250 pupils. It is a polo school for the internship of students attending the two degree courses in Primary Education Sciences of the Marche region: the Universities of Urbino and Macerata. Students are hosted in our classrooms where they can carry out a training activity that initiates them to the acquisition of professional skills in the field supported by tutor teachers who act as a reference figure.

Our school continues to promote inclusion, with the creation of both curricular and extracurricular training courses, to remove or stem the causes that produce failure also through the active collaboration of families and the constant commitment of other educational agencies in the area.

Learnable is a community of experts working for years on the development of innovative educational practices. Learnable focuses to support European learners in acquiring soft and hard competencies that enable people to achieve their goals both in their work and life.

Learnable is active in different sectors such as adult education, VET education, schools and higher education, promoting innovative educational methodologies in different fields such as digital innovation, inclusion, linguistic skills, green economy and entrepreneurship. 

The community seeks innovative solutions in order to make education accessible and inclusive. Learnable supports the implementation of innovative educational methodologies aimed at enhancing the quality of the training offer and supporting school-to-work transition and employability of the learners.

Talent srl is an Italian training company that realizes technological and innovative solutions for didactics and education, also referred to disabled people. It offers mainly didactical workshops for students and training courses for teachers and educators. It also develops technological products for didactical aims.

Talent intends to promote digital innovation in educational field through the website called “”. It is a community for Italian teachers and educators where they could share and find didactical contents, experiences and ideas. They also could find on “” various academic contents about technology for didactics, STEAM and more.

Recently TALENT developed a brand-new service for students based on AI. It is called and it is a digital tutor for students that helps students in their didactical processes in a Socratic way, never giving the solution but helping student reasoning on the process of an exercise, or studying a new subject, ect.

AKLUB Centre of Education and Counseling is an educational and not-for-profit organization. The organization AKLUB was established in 1997 in the Czech Republic, in the town called Krnov. The organization is respected and highly appreciated in the Czech Republic for educational services and for developing educational and integration programs and products. Our team consists of professionals in education, counselors, teachers, trainers, and psychologists on the one hand and project managers and administrative staff on the other hand.

AKLUB regularly participates in national and international projects focused on lifelong learning, innovative educational methods, coaching, e-learning, distance learning, special methods for counseling, integration programs, etc. The results of these projects are directly implemented into practice and help us to increase the quality of the services provided to our target groups. Our work is a mixture of the theoretical development of new educational tools with their practical implementation into a daily routine.

International Primary School of the Innovative Education in Lodz is a private school where every child has a chance for individual development through discovering and developing his/her own abilities. Encouraging children’s cognitive curiosity and passion to explore the world make them want to come back here every day and enjoy learning.

Our establishment specialises in teaching Polish as a foreign language since among our students there are many children of foreigners who decided to settle down in Poland.

Together we work to create the atmosphere of trust, sympathy and mutual respect. With our students we break barriers to effective communication, support and prepare them to conscious and self-reliant education in the future.

The school takes care of the highest quality of the didactic and administrative work. Our teachers’ eligibility and abilities guarantee fulfillment of the premises in the curriculum. The teachers constantly develop their professional skills and expand their knowledge from the fields of pedagogy, psychology and methodology.

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