AI-Teach Handbook – first release

The first draft of the AI-Teach Handbook was produced in English version.

It is the main project result of the AI-Teach project, and it is dedicated to exploring the interdisciplinary use of AI-driven tools in primary education.

Tailored for primary school teachers and educators, the Handbook serves as a comprehensive guide, equipping them with essential knowledge and resources to integrate AI seamlessly into teaching practices.

The methodology for creating the document involved three main steps:

1. Conducting focus groups in Italy, Poland, and Czechia to understand teachers’ needs for integrating AI tools into learning practices. 18 respondents, including primary school teachers, educators, and tutors, participated.

2. The lead partner, Learnable, compiled the findings into a comprehensive report summarizing key insights.

3. The structure of the Handbook was defined and shared with partners. Collaborative efforts among AI-Teach partners were then employed to develop the content, with each partner contributing based on their expertise.

The Handbook encompasses six key chapters:

  • Foundational AI Concepts
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Methodological Strategies
  • Subject-specific AI Resources
  • Lesson Plans
  • Case Studies

Each chapter is designed to empower educators with insights, practical strategies, and real-world examples, facilitating effective AI integration in educational settings.

You can check out the English version using this link. Translated versions in the partnership languages will also be released shortly.

If you have any suggestions or changes to the document’s contents, please write to us at the following email address:

Enjoy the reading!


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